Archana According to the Pancharatra Agama

Photo supplied by StokaKrishna dasa.

This ongoing online learning course will discuss, examine, and help you implement Archana into your home and local Vaishnava community.

This online course will be hosted by Sri U. Ve. Keshava Acharya (a.k.a. H.G. Gaura-Keshava Prabhu), who studied the Pancaratra Agama from the late M. R. Sampat Kumar Bhattacharya of Tulasi Ram Das Mutt, Bangalore and is (to date) the only Westerner who has undertaken the Chakrabja Mandala Archaka Diksha from the late Y. R. Vasudeva Bhattacharya, Professor of the Pancaratra Agama at the Maharaja’s Sanskrit College in Mysore.

Sri Keshava Acharya is also the only Westerner (to date) who is registered as an Archaka with the Government of Karnataka and lives part of the year within the first prakaram (walls) of the ancient Vaishnava Temple town of Srirangam Kshetra.

The focus of this course will be on domestic (home) worship, worship within your local community centres and Vaishnava sangams.

Although there will be a progressively technical aspect to the course, if you want to become an Archaka for a Pancharatraic Temple in India (for example) you will need to discuss the options with Keshava Acharya outside the parameters of this course.

The course is by donation, having said that in order to make the course financially viable, the minimum donation is set as AU$108. The Facilitator must receive all donations and PayPal receipts before you can become a registered participating student.

There are two semesters per year and the beginning of each semester will require all students to re-register in order to be able to continue to participate in this course.

The purpose of this course:

- To educate and train new aspirants who are interested in becoming competent pujaris and community-based archakas;

- A refresher course for those currently engaged in Archana;

- To educate those who are interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of Archana and the Pancharatra Agama;

Who should subscribe to this course:

- Vaishnavas who have received upanayanam (yajnopavitram), and / or have undergone the pancha-samskara and have a strong interest in the subject matter;

- Initiated Vaishnavas of any age, gender, ethnicity, or caste;

Course Requirements and pre-qualifications:

- A good working knowledge and comprehension of the English language;

- A basic knowledge and understanding of Archana;

- A basic knowledge of Sanskrit and Vedic chanting is an advantage but not essential to begin this course;

- A grounding in the theology of the Pancharatra Agama and Vaishnava philosophy pertaining to one’s own lineage i.e. Visiṣṭhadvaita, Dvaita, Achintya Bheda Abheda, etc;

- Prior experience either in Archana and / or as an assistant;

- A strong desire to study the subject matter (Approx. 7-10hrs per week);

- Access to fast internet for accessing course download files and Skype conferences (will need minimum 2GB to participate in Skype conferences);

- Access to a local mentor who can help with the practical applications;

- Access to a local Pancharatric Temple with regular ritual functions is an advantage for observation and gaining ideas for your own Archana;

Format of the Course:

- Online Correspondence via the World Wide Web;

- Most of the reading matter will be supplied in PDF document format;

- Future conference calls via Skype will be arranged on a regular basis;

- Theoretical examinations will be open-book;

- Intermittent practice sessions will be made available for those living in Australia and those living near the primary instructor.

- Overseas subscribers will need to find a local Pancharatric Archaka and / proficient mentor to assist you with the practical applications.


To register for this course contact Keshava Acharya at: